Take a Breath


Class Project
Institute of Design
ID598 Design Communication 2
Fall 2012
Instructor: Kim Erwin
photo credit: Megan is me (link)


In this class we learned how to organize a large set of data in order to discuss and present it with a client.

From data about young mothers and their use of the internet, I developed an solution for FranklinCovey on how to create personal-planning solutions that resonate with internet-savvy women. 



This class is about client communication in the context of a consulting project. Our professor, Kim Erwin, stressed that communication is not something done at the end of a project, but something that needs to be included at every step. 

The class progressed in three stages: 

1. Sort and organize the data in a way to communicate it to the client. 

2. Create a poster that highlights any insights generated, supported by data.

3. Imagine a meeting with the client and create a communication plan and a leave-behind. 

My client was Franklin Covey, the maker of planning gear (calenders, daily planners, etc.). Our data was from a survey of internet usage - diaries about activities and feelings - from four mothers in their 20’s and 30’s.