IIT Institute of Design

I graduated from the Institute of Design (at the Illinois Institute of Technology) with a Masters of Design (MDes) in May 2014. 



Fall 2013

IDN 514 Experience Modeling
IDN 550 Communication Design Workshop
IDX 528 Prototyping Interactions
IDX 534 Interactive Space
IDX 597 Theories of User-Centered Design
IDX 597 Innovation Strategy

Spring 2014

IDN 502 User Centered Case
IDN 536 Extension of Media
IDN 546 Metaphor and Analogy
IDX 597 Sensor Based Research
IDN 542 Behavioral Economics
IDX 597 Introduction to Systems
IDN 538 Design Planning Workshop

Fall 2012

ID 514 Design Planning
ID 516 Observing Users
ID 543 New Product Definition
ID 589 Systems Design Workshop
ID 598 Design Communication II
MBA 502 Emerging Issues in the Global Business Environment
MBA 504 Spreadsheet Modeling

Spring 2013

ID 518 Business Frameworks
ID 528 Advanced Design Planning
ID 533 Design Analysis
ID 534 Design Synthesis
ID 583 Product Design Workshop
ID 584 Design Planning Workshop
SOC 425 Privacy


MBA 597 Negotiations-Strategic Decision Making

Foundation Year

Fall 2011

ID 487 Intro to Photography
ID 481 Intro to Design
ID 483 Intro to Comm Design 1
ID 485 Intro to Product Design 1
MBA 503 Organizational Behavior

Spring 2012

ID 488 Intro to Digital Media
ID 482 Intro to Design 2
ID 484 Intro to Comm Design 2
ID 486 Intro to Product Design 2
MBA 505 Managerial Economics




Chicago, IL
May 2013 – Aug 2013

Research and Design Consultant

Developed strategies and opportunities to extend the customer base of an independent film streaming startup. We identified key insights from expert interviews with stakeholders and ethnographic interviews with customers.



Godrej & Boyce

Mumbai, India
Dec 2012 – Jan 2013

Design Consultant - India Immersion Program

Together with select students, I was chosen for a five-week transcultural collaboration project. We explored new retail experiences and provided solutions while teaching Godrej employees design methods.




Tractorly Project

After my father passed away I spent a summer (and then some) restoring his antique tractor. From scattered pieces I slowly restored and assembled it into a working machine. It was slow work, piecing it back together. But my heart thrilled at the first pops of the engine finally coming to life.


Narcissmo Project

A philosophical study of self, through paintings and poetry. I dove deep; through introspection I viewed the structure of the world. Unable to put my thoughts into words, I turned to painting in order to record my findings.





Electric Machinery

Electric Machinery is a manufacturer of electric motors for large industry.

In addition to technical mechanical design, I developed systems for standardization in design and manufacturing. I led teams in the development and manufacture of $1 million+ projects, created documentation and software for standardizing the design process, and, as part of small team, completely rewrote the engineering design standards to comply with nuclear regulations. 





From 2006 to 2008 I took some time off from work to travel. I explored the west coast of the United States--camping hiking in national parks--then moved to Argentina for an extended stay. You can read about it in my two travel books, My Last Hooha and Hooha Argentina.






Belimo is a manufacturer of electromechanical devices for the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry.

While there, I collaborated with other designers and engineers to create novel products for new markets, quickly capturing 35% of the market. I designed mechanical components including geartrains and enclosures in many materials such as sintered or die cast metal, and plastic injection molding. I led projects from ideation to manufacturing, including direct supervision of design support personnel. 




North Dakota State University

Fargo, ND

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 
with Honor